Work for Hire “Bandai Namco HTML5 Mini Games”

We had the privilege and pleasure to work on a series of HTML5 game development using multiple Retro Arcade IPs from Bandai Namco portfolio. Our client had the objective of building a hybrid gaming portal dedicated to Bandai Namco retro gaming universe and being able to distribute it on a wide range of devices and terminals in streaming. Once again, HTML5 cross-platform games were the best solution.

In accordance with the guidelines and timing provided by the client, our team has produced +40 game designs with over +15 IPs including the famous Pac-Man, Galaga, Katamari, Galaxian, Rally-X, Pole Position, Mr. Driller, Wonder Momo, Sky Kids, Star Luster, etc. All selected games were then developed in-house or with partners studios and developers.

Our games now allow players to enjoy Bandai Namco mythic titles in over 15 countries on every screens! See more on Bandai Namco portal.

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